Im 17, a senior, & an Allstar cheerleader for going on 11 years (:
Formerly with CEA for 7 years,now year 4 with Carolina Spirit Athletics.
I make all my gifs & follow back each and every follower (:


I wanna know what people assume about me because of my tumblr.

Put an assumption in my ask. I’ll confirm or dispute it. I’m not gonna be mean or anything, I’m just very interested.

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who wants to meet up and trade?


yall, im in route to Dallas Texas for NCA right now! Stuck in the Greensboro airport, but we will be leaving soon! It’s really exciting :)

I have two CEA sports bras in size AM and an AM CEA tshirt and a few CSA shirts if anybody would be interested in trading!! Inbox me for my phone number and you can text me so we can meet up. excited to see you all :)

you never really realize what you have til it’s gone…or in this case, taken away from you.

senior year’s getting to me, and I’ve had some issues at my gym…
So yall know this is my second gym. I left my first gym (Cheer Extreme,7 years) for obvious reasons which I get asked about a lot…well the main reason has to do with the amount of focus that they didn’t put on levels 1-4…and so I switched to Carolina Spirit Athletics because they are a 1-4 only, small-ish kind of gym. The first coach I ever had’s name was Katie. She guided me and taught me so many inspiring life lessons about family and working together, and just life in general, and led my team through an undefeated year for my first season with the program. It was literally astonishing to finally find a coach that had the same passion for the sport as I did, and had been with it and watched it change as much as I had, but hadn’t lost focus and sight of the fact that not everybody’s level 5. Let’s be real…level 5 accounts for probably 15-20% of our sport. Levels 1-4 and R5 are the backbones of it all…needless to say, she guided my team each year through countless national titles, friendships and bonds as a family, and just made me want to be in the gym so much more so that I could one day be a coach like her. Well the other day we got word that she got fired. The coach that pushed me more than any coach ever had in my entire life…was no longer going to be a part of the only thing I’ve loved uncontrollably since I was 6 years old. Now here I am, 17 and looking for some guidance on how to handle everything, and I don’t have her there…of course she told me that I could call her anytime I needed/wanted, but it’s just not the same. Apparently she developed some sort of depression when a few of our other coaches moved away, and she “just wasn’t happy anymore”…I call bull crap. She was so happy to be in the gym with us and watch us progress and grow as a team. The great coach that I could always count on to say something inspiring and lift us up when we needed it…is now gone. vanished. no longer in the gym…of course,  have another coach, who actually coached me years ago, my very first year of cheer at CEA, while she was still an athlete there…but it’s really just never going to be the same. The gym is going to lose a TON of business with this…I can already count on my two hands people that aren’t coming back because of this…it’s just been so eye opening. Like it’s seriously made me realize that something, or someone, can be taken away from you in the blink of an eye. and it’s not fair. not fair at all. But I can’t control it. boy I wish I could…I texted her and poured my heart out to her the moment I found out about everything…told her what she personally means to me, and has done for me, and how much she really means to the whole program, and how I just don’t know how I’m going to be able to function for my last few competitions of my career without being able to find her at the front of the floor and get a nod that we can do it. and no more locking eyes with her during performance. it’s all gone. over. She replied to me pretty quickly, and what she said is something I’ll carry with me and try to fulfill for the rest of my Senior season…”love you always. If anyone can coach Senior Shine like I did…it’s you. I will always believe in you and I have no doubt in my mind that you will help the other kids get through it. I’ll see you soon…that’s a promise!”…..so now I feel like my Senior year has a big purpose. Like I’ve been put on this team to do what she would’ve done and help my other coach do things that she would’ve coached. I just really can’t believe this is even happening…and it’s seriously heartbreaking. Here’s to 4 great years with the best coach I’ve ever had in my life. And here’s to my Senior year’s mission: operation katie.

fiercelovecheerxoxo asked: Hi! I read your text post and im a Junior in high school and almost the same thing happened to me. I didn't handle the situation correctly, and lost my best guy friend. We barley talk at all anymore even though we have almost every class together its super awkward. You need to be there for him! I don't care how much you dislike the girl you need to be there for him. He needs support from her and since your bestfriends he kind of expects it from you the most. It might hurt a little bit, but itll

The thing is, I’ve always tried to be there for him, and he just doesn’t accept my support. And they’re “officially done” now, but he’s still not acting quite right, and I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong…like I just want to cry it hurts my head and feelings and heart so bad because he’s the one I tell everything to and he doesn’t know how much it hurts me for him to be like this. And I’ve really tried to be nice to the girl but she’s cussed me out so I just leave her alone…which hopefully she is just out of the picture now because we have to fix our friendship… I’m just so sad and confused. :/


California all stars Soul5 (banned music)

(only used once because controversial)




I mean, if this is their view, I don’t understand how it’s controversial. If they want to embrace their christianity through their team, let them! I think this mix was awesome…nice to see teams glorifying God.

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Hey Yall!!! I just put up a new video on my youtube channel. Please watch it and subscribe…I’m so close to 700 subscribers and it would be awesome to get that before my birthday!! thanks, love you all <3

CEA Youth Elite Butterflies at NCA Dallas…winning back to back! #fierce