Hey y'all, I'm Alexa, and this page is to share a bit of my life.
I'm a now retired allstar cheerleader,
I'm an alumna to Cheer Extreme Allstars (7years) & Carolina Spirit Athletics (4years)
BEFORE YOU ASK: yes, I switched gyms. I do not "hate" my first gym.
I get asked a lot about my experiences and I'm here to share!
but please no hateful comments. Thanks xoxo

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closing this chapter of my life.

So I guess I just want to start off by saying thanks sososooo much to everyone that’s watched my cheerleading journey through this little blog for the past 4 years. I guess I never thought it would still be alive and well around the time I was supposed to go to college..but here I am with thousands of followers! I’m so grateful to have each and everyone of you supporting me daily, and you all absolutely mean the world to me.
About a month ago I graduated from high school, and I’m now about to start my next chapter, in college. I will unfortunately have to tune out this blog for the most part, and basically will have to quit…but I will always be here to answer questions and give advice. I love you all so much and will be forever grateful for the community of cheerleaders on here. xoxo Alexa

Anonymous asked: What team were you on at cea your last year there?

salem junior elite, junior teal,and helped out on senior coed

Anonymous asked: What teams were you on at CEA and what levels ?

I started when I was 6 and there weren’t any levels yet, so I was on youth novice. My last year there was my eighth grade year and I was on Salem junior elite and Salem senior coed.


California all stars Soul5 (banned music)

(only used once because controversial)




I mean, if this is their view, I don’t understand how it’s controversial. If they want to embrace their christianity through their team, let them! I think this mix was awesome…nice to see teams glorifying God.

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Hey Yall!!! I just put up a new video on my youtube channel. Please watch it and subscribe…I’m so close to 700 subscribers and it would be awesome to get that before my birthday!! thanks, love you all <3

CEA Youth Elite Butterflies at NCA Dallas…winning back to back! #fierce